Esther LONGORIA34 was born on 15 April 1915. She died on 10 May 1993 at the age of 78. Parents: Jose Maria LONGORIA and Felicitas TAGLE.

Spouse: Rodolfo SILLER. Esther LONGORIA and Rodolfo SILLER were married.

Eufemia LONGORIA34 was born on 28 November 1833. Parents: Jose Feliciano LONGORIA and Maria de los Angeles ZAMORA.

Eugenia LONGORIA238 was born (date unknown). Parents: Abato LONGORIA and Matilde DE LA GARZA.

Eugenio "El Mazo" LONGORIA Flores304 was born (date unknown). Parents: Pedro Jose LONGORIA Villarreal and Maria Nicolasa FLORES.

Spouse: Guadalupe VILLARREAL. Guadalupe VILLARREAL and Eugenio "El Mazo" LONGORIA Flores were married. Children were: Manuela LONGORIA, Maria Concepcion LONGORIA, Eusebia LONGORIA, Dionicio LONGORIA, Viviana LONGORIA, Antonia LONGORIA, Lucas LONGORIA.

Spouse: Gregoria YBARRA. Gregoria YBARRA and Eugenio "El Mazo" LONGORIA Flores were married on 27 February 1840 in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.1124 Children were: Leonarda LONGORIA, Guadalupe LONGORIA, Sixto LONGORIA, Patricia LONGORIA.

Eugenio LONGORIA Villarreal531,2506 was born in 1838.309 His birthyear is corroborated by the 1860 Census which gives his age as 22 years. He died in 1870 at the age of 32.2507 Date of death obtained from affidavit, recorded in Book 5, page 12, Deed Records, Brooks County, Texas. He was unmarried.1981 Eugenio was buried in La Grulla, Starr County, TX, USA.309 He is buried in the same vault as his grandmother Maria Nicolasa Flores, his father Juan Longoria, his mother Yrinea Villarreal Longoria and his sister Yrinea Longoria Garcia. In 1870, Eugenio went riding on his horse to visit relatives and friends in Las Cuevitas. He was not seen again in La Grulla. His family searched for him for weeks but never found him. Months later, his remains and those of his horse were discovered in the thick brush just off the trail near Penitas, Texas. The hand bones still had a gold ring with the initials E.L., identifying the remains as those of Eugenio. The skull of the horse had three bullet holes in it. The cause of his death was never determined.
His parents, Juan Longoria and Yrinea Villarreal, dedicated the building of the San Roque church in La Grulla to his memory. Parents: Juan Santiago LONGORIA Flores and Yrinea VILLARREAL Garza.

Eugenio LONGORIA304 was born on 6 August 1877 in La Grulla, Starr County, TX, USA.305,2508 Hisr age was given as 2 in the 1880 Census. He died on 14 August 1954 at the age of 77 in Edinburg, Hidalgo County, TX, USA.2508 He was buried on 15 August 1954 in Guadalupe el Torero Ranch, Hidalgo Co., Texas.2508 My first copy of The Seabury Papers, a typewritten one I got from Donaciana Alcala, showed this person's name as Gregorio Longoria, instead of Eugenio Longoria. Parents: Lucas LONGORIA and Romualda ALVARADO.

Eugenio LONGORIA2487 was born on 26 December 1881 in Brownsville, Cameron County, TX, USA.2508 He died on 1 August 1965 at the age of 83 in Bay City, Texas.2508 Parents: Crisostomo LONGORIA and Petra GUZMAN.

Eugenio LONGORIA Villarreal1981,2509 was born on 23 April 1884 in La Grulla, Starr County, TX, USA. He died on 21 February 1962 at the age of 77 in Weslaco, Hidalgo County, TX, USA. He was buried in Eugenio Longoria cemetery, Brooks County, TX, USA.
It was in La Grulla that he met and fell in love with a schoolteacher, Ana Treviño Vidaurri, and married her on November 26, 1908. After living in La Grulla for a few years, they moved to Mission, Texas, where they lived temporarily with Ana Treviño's half-brother, Manuel Treviño. Soon, they moved to Rancho La Blanca in southern Brooks County and finally to Rancho Santa Rita after the houses there were built.

Eugenio was very active in politics and was County Commissioner of Precinct 3 in Brooks County from 1925 to 1928. He served as a delegate to LULAC when it was incorporated on May 4, 1930. He also served as a commissioner on the School Board and was a leader in having schools built at Santa Rita and at Encino. Eugenio Longoria Villarreal died at the age of 77 in a hospital in Weslaco, Texas. Parents: Ponciano LONGORIA Villarreal and Maria Rita VILLARREAL Ramirez.

Spouse: Ana Luzgarda TREVIÑO Vidaurri. Ana Luzgarda TREVIÑO Vidaurri and Eugenio LONGORIA Villarreal were married on 26 November 1908 in Starr County, Texas. Children were: Leonel Eugenio LONGORIA Treviño, Raul LONGORIA Treviño, Ponciano LONGORIA Treviño, Ponciano Noel LONGORIA Treviño, Odilia LONGORIA Treviño, Osvaldo LONGORIA Treviño, Jose Oscar LONGORIA Treviño, Maria Estella LONGORIA Treviño, Irma LONGORIA Treviño.

Eugenio Noel LONGORIA was born (date unknown). Parents: Ponciano Noel LONGORIA Jr. and Leonila SAENZ.

Eulalio LONGORIA2182 was born (date unknown). Parents: Leandro LONGORIA and Florencia DIAZ.

Eusebia LONGORIA304 was born (date unknown). Parents: Eugenio "El Mazo" LONGORIA Flores and Guadalupe VILLARREAL.

Spouse: Cesareo SOLIS Salazar. Eusebia LONGORIA and Cesareo SOLIS Salazar were married.

Eusebio LONGORIA2206 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jorge LONGORIA and Francisca GONZALES.

Eutimio LONGORIA34 was born on 24 December 1870. He died on 19 January 1921 at the age of 50. Parents: Anastacio LONGORIA and Julia PONCE.

Eutimio LONGORIA Garcia329 was born on 24 December 1889.1975 He died on 2 April 1976 at the age of 86 in Mission, Hidalgo County, TX, USA.1975 He was originally from Valadeces, Mexico, but lived in La Grulla and then Mission, Texas. He was a merchant in the food business. Parents: Esteban LONGORIA and Constancia GARCIA.

Spouse: Genoveva ANZALDUA. Genoveva ANZALDUA and Eutimio LONGORIA Garcia were married. Children were: Gilbert Raul LONGORIA, Alicia LONGORIA, Berta LONGORIA, Delia LONGORIA, Reynaldo LONGORIA, Carmela LONGORIA, Eutimio LONGORIA Anzaldua, Ramiro LONGORIA, Jose LONGORIA, Guadalupe LONGORIA.

Eutimio LONGORIA Anzaldua2482 was born on 15 August 1924.328 He died on 22 June 2001 at the age of 76.328 Parents: Eutimio LONGORIA Garcia and Genoveva ANZALDUA.

Eva Jacqueline LONGORIA (private). Parents: Enrique LONGORIA Jr. and Ella Eva MIRELES.

Spouse: Tyler CHRISTOPHER.

Spouse: Tony PARKER.

Everardo LONGORIA1226 was born (date unknown). Parents: Mauricio LONGORIA and Domitila DE LA FUENTE.

Evodia LONGORIA34 was born (date unknown). Parents: Anastacio LONGORIA and Julia PONCE.

Faustino C. LONGORIA34 was born on 15 February 1890.2510 He died on 16 July 1954 at the age of 64 in La Feria, Texas.2510 Parents: Narciso LONGORIA and Alicia CHAMBERLAIN.

Spouse: Manuela ABREGO. Manuela ABREGO and Faustino C. LONGORIA were married.

Federico T. LONGORIA34 was born on 9 June 1895. He died on 10 January 1947 at the age of 51. Parents: Pedro LONGORIA and Grace TURNER.

Spouse: Sofia SAYAS. Sofia SAYAS and Federico T. LONGORIA were married.

Feliciana LONGORIA34 was born (date unknown). Parents: Anastacio LONGORIA and Julia PONCE.

Felicitas LONGORIA2511 was born (date unknown). Felicitas was an illegitimate child. Parents: Maria del Refugio LONGORIA.

Spouse: Ramon SAENZ. Felicitas LONGORIA and Ramon SAENZ were married.

Spouse: Antonio SAENZ. Felicitas LONGORIA and Antonio SAENZ were married.

Felicitas LONGORIA34 was born about 1846. Parents: Jose Andres LONGORIA and Crisanta Olguin de los SANTOS.

Felicitas LONGORIA715,1981 was born on 13 July 1887. She died on 9 March 1966 at the age of 78. Parents: Jose Maria LONGORIA Villarreal and Antonia LOPEZ.

Spouse: Julio MOLINA. Felicitas LONGORIA and Julio MOLINA were married. Children were: Antonia MOLINA.

Spouse: Felix LOPEZ. Felicitas LONGORIA and Felix LOPEZ were married. Children were: Domingo T. LOPEZ.

Felicitas LONGORIA206 was born on 8 May 1890 in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Parents: Florentino LONGORIA and Librada LONGORIA.

Felicitas LONGORIA206 was born on 18 July 1891 in Rio Grande City, Starr Co., Texas, USA. Parents: Jorge LONGORIA and Zenobia ALVAREZ.

Felicitas LONGORIA34 was born on 28 December 1910. She died on 28 November 1950 at the age of 39. Parents: Jose Maria LONGORIA and Felicitas TAGLE.

Felipa LONGORIA34 was born in 1856. She died in 1936 at the age of 80. Parents: Francisco LONGORIA and Leocadia LONGORIA.

Spouse: Jose Telesforo MEDRANO. Felipa LONGORIA and Jose Telesforo MEDRANO were married on 8 May 1873 in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.2512 Children were: Amelia Leonor MEDRANO.

Felipe LONGORIA927 was born (date unknown). Parents: Francisco LONGORIA and Antonia GARCIA.

Felipe LONGORIA was born (date unknown). Parents: Zenobio LONGORIA Flores and Eduvigis RAMIREZ.

Felipe LONGORIA992 was born (date unknown). Parents: Cristobal LONGORIA and Leandra GARCIA.

Spouse: Nicolasa GARCIA. Nicolasa GARCIA and Felipe LONGORIA were married.

Felipe LONGORIA1105,1127 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Manuela GUTIERREZ. Children were: Cipriana LONGORIA.

Felipe LONGORIA1055 was born circa 6 May 1822 in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.2513 Parents: Leonardo LONGORIA and Ana Maria CHAPA.

Felix LONGORIA274 was born (date unknown). Parents: Basilio LONGORIA and Felipa SAENZ.

Felix LONGORIA2206 was born (date unknown). He died at age 2. Parents: Genaro Felix LONGORIA and Leonarda GONZALES.

Felix LONGORIA Jr.2458 was born (date unknown). Parents: Felix LONGORIA and Brigida VILLARREAL.

Felix LONGORIA34 was born on 22 August 1898. He died on 29 April 1973 at the age of 74. Parents: Emilio LONGORIA and Esiquia OLIVAREZ.

Spouse: Brigida VILLARREAL. Brigida VILLARREAL and Felix LONGORIA were married. Children were: Corando LONGORIA, Felix LONGORIA Jr., Leopoldo LONGORIA, Baldemar LONGORIA, Reynaldo LONGORIA, Raul LONGORIA, Alvezo LONGORIA.

Felix LONGORIA1168 was born in 1900.2514 He died on 27 June 1946 at the age of 46 in Kingsville, Kleberg County, TX, USA.2514 Parents: Severo LONGORIA and Librada DAVILA.

Spouse: Maria SUAREZ. Maria SUAREZ and Felix LONGORIA were married. Children were: Roberto LONGORIA, Reyes LONGORIA, Reynaldo LONGORIA, Rodolfo LONGORIA.

Spouse: Marta CRUZ. Marta CRUZ and Felix LONGORIA were married. Children were: Lydia LONGORIA, Rosendo LONGORIA, Estefana LONGORIA.

Felix M. LONGORIA2515,2516 was born (date unknown). Parents: Reynaldo LONGORIA and Ofilia MONTALVO.

Spouse: Anastasia GARCIA. Anastasia GARCIA and Felix M. LONGORIA were married. Children were: Ofilia LONGORIA, Felix M. LONGORIA Jr., Maria LONGORIA de Menchaca.

Felix M. LONGORIA Jr.1662 was born (date unknown). Parents: Felix M. LONGORIA and Anastasia GARCIA.

Fernando LONGORIA was born (date unknown). Parents: Pedro Jose LONGORIA Flores and Bernarda DIAZ.

Fernando LONGORIA2517 died about 1693 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, New Spain. Parents: Lorenzo Suarez de LONGORIA Salazar and Antonia Perez RODRIGUEZ.

Spouse: Maria de MONTEMAYOR. Maria de MONTEMAYOR and Fernando LONGORIA were married. Children were: Juan LONGORIA, Gabriel LONGORIA, Francisco LONGORIA, Ines LONGORIA, Gregorio LONGORIA, Josefa LONGORIA.

Flora Estella LONGORIA (private). Parents: Mateo LONGORIA Villarreal and Maria Sabina SOLIS Zarate.

Spouse: Jose Humberto GARZA. Children were: Maria Delia GARZA, Humberto GARZA Jr., Flora Estela GARZA, Johnnie Joe GARZA, David Joel GARZA, Joe Luis GARZA, James GARZA, Letizia GARZA.

Florencia LONGORIA211 was born (date unknown). Parents: Zenobio LONGORIA Flores and Eduvigis RAMIREZ.

Spouse: Andres RODRIGUEZ Solis.

Florencia LONGORIA2518 was born on 26 October 1930. She died on 26 June 2011 at the age of 80. Parents: Samuel LONGORIA and Ramona SOLIS.

Spouse: Erasmo ROSALES. Florencia LONGORIA and Erasmo ROSALES were married. Children were: Erasmo ROSALES, Roel "Roy" ROSALES, Leo ROSALES, Rudy ROSALES.

Florencia LONGORIA (private). Parents: Pablo LONGORIA and Odilia ORTIZ.

Florencio LONGORIA34 was born in 1871. He died in 1915 at the age of 44. Parents: Enrique LONGORIA and Enemencia OLIVAREZ.

Spouse: Amalia DE LA VEGA Balli. Amalia DE LA VEGA Balli and Florencio LONGORIA were married.

Florentino LONGORIA206 was born on 16 October 1859 in Rancho Los Ochoas, Roma, TX. He died on 19 July 1928 at the age of 68 in Falfurrias, Brooks County, TX, USA.2519 He was buried in Collins cemetery, Alice, TX.2519 Parents: Santos LONGORIA and Rosa GALLARDO.

Spouse: Librada LONGORIA. Librada LONGORIA and Florentino LONGORIA were married on 30 December 1882 in Rio Grande City, Starr Co., Texas, USA.2520 Children were: Natalia E. LONGORIA, Rosa LONGORIA, German LONGORIA, Felicitas LONGORIA, Paula LONGORIA.

Spouse: Guadalupe VELA. Guadalupe VELA and Florentino LONGORIA were married about 1895 in Cuero, Texas. Children were: Crisoforo LONGORIA, Juan LONGORIA, Luis LONGORIA, Maria Teresa LONGORIA, Guadalupe LONGORIA.

Frailan LONGORIA1427 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jose Crisostomo LONGORIA Hinojosa and Juana Josefa de la GARZA Perez.

Francisca LONGORIA Villarreal was born (date unknown). Parents: Marcelo LONGORIA Hinojosa and Juana VILLARREAL Cisneros.