Francisco VILLARREAL3402 was born (date unknown). Parents: Marcos VILLARREAL and Juana Josefa VELA.

Spouse: Hilaria VALADEZ. Hilaria VALADEZ and Francisco VILLARREAL were married. Children were: Ygnacia VILLARREAL.

Francisco VILLARREAL774 was born (date unknown). Parents: Francisco Tomas VILLARREAL and Maria Cipriana GONZALEZ.

Spouse: Antonina RODRIGUEZ. Antonina RODRIGUEZ and Francisco VILLARREAL were married.

Francisco VILLARREAL570 was born (date unknown). Parents: Matias VILLARREAL and Maria Isidora ELIZONDO.

Francisco VILLARREAL962,1076 was born (date unknown). Parents: Joseph de VILLARREAL and Maria OROPEZA de Treviño.

Spouse: Petrona RODRIGUEZ. Petrona RODRIGUEZ and Francisco VILLARREAL were married after 9 October 1723.

Francisco VILLARREAL206,962 was born on 22 February 1850 in Rancho Americano, Hidalgo County, Texas. Parents: Jose Gregorio VILLARREAL and Maria Nasaria LONGORIA.

Spouse: Juana FLORES. Juana FLORES and Francisco VILLARREAL were married. Children were: Gregorio VILLARREAL, Zeferino VILLARREAL, Emilio VILLARREAL, Pedro VILLARREAL, Rafael VILLARREAL, Clemencia VILLARREAL, Isidra VILLARREAL, Jose Maria VILLARREAL.

Francisco VILLARREAL2141 was born on 18 June 1923 in Rancho San Francisco, Starr Co., TX. Parents: Santos VILLARREAL and Guadalupe VILLARREAL.

Spouse: Esperanza GIL. Esperanza GIL and Francisco VILLARREAL were married on 18 April 1948. Children were: Maria Margarita VILLARREAL.

Francisco de VILLARREAL was born (date unknown). Rode with Alonso de Leon on his expeditions into Texas searching for the French colony founded by La Salle. Parents: Capt. Diego de VILLARREAL and Beatriz de las CASAS.

Spouse: Ursula de URRUTIA. Ursula de URRUTIA and Francisco de VILLARREAL were married on 21 July 1673.421,3338 Children were: Beatriz de VILLARREAL, Maria de VILLARREAL, Cristobal de VILLARREAL, Antonia de VILLARREAL.

Francisco de VILLARREAL1509 was born (date unknown). Parents: Sgt. Major Diego de VILLARREAL and Tomasa FLORES.

Spouse: Nicolasa DE LA GARZA. Nicolasa DE LA GARZA and Francisco de VILLARREAL were married after 5 December 1699.1509 This marriage probably did not take place. About a year later, on January 16, 1701, there was another marriage investigation (#62-4, page 271) for the proposed marriage between Francisco de Villarreal and Agustina de Treviño and that investigation made no mention of Francisco de Villarreal being a widower. Furthermore, on January 18, 1707, there was a marriage investigation done for the proposed marriage of Gregorio Rodriguez and Nicolasa de la Garza and Nicolasa is noted as being a "doncella", or maiden, indicating she had never been married before. It thus appears that, for unknown reasons, the proposed marriage between Francisco de Villarreal and Nicolasa de la Garza never took place.

Spouse: Agustina de TREVIÑO. Agustina de TREVIÑO and Francisco de VILLARREAL were married after 16 January 1701.3361

Spouse: Maria Catalina DE LA GARZA. Maria Catalina DE LA GARZA and Francisco de VILLARREAL were married on 9 August 1710.895,1465 Children were: Juan Joseph de VILLARREAL.

Francisco de VILLARREAL504 died before 9 October 1727.2219 Parents: Capt. Juan de VILLARREAL and Juana DE LA GARZA Garcia.

Spouse: Felipa de TREVIÑO. Felipa de TREVIÑO and Francisco de VILLARREAL were married on 4 August 1688.895 Children were: Antonia de VILLARREAL, Francisca Xaviera de VILLARREAL, Josefa de VILLARREAL, Thomas de VILLARREAL, Felesiana de VILLARREAL, Juana de VILLARREAL.

Francisco Lamberto VILLARREAL3508 was born (date unknown). Francisco owned a large ranch on the Las Animas tract and the Las Rucias tract. Parents: Joseph de las Nieves VILLARREAL and Maria Marcela GARCIA.

Spouse: Sabas RODRIGUEZ. Sabas RODRIGUEZ and Francisco Lamberto VILLARREAL were married. Children were: Nieves VILLARREAL, Severiana VILLARREAL, Josefa VILLARREAL, Maria Eulalia VILLARREAL, Maria Rita VILLARREAL, Octaviana VILLARREAL, Esteban VILLARREAL, Francisca VILLARREAL.

Francisco Tomas VILLARREAL774 was born (date unknown). Parents: Ygnacio VILLARREAL and Maria Guadalupe MORENO.

Spouse: Maria Cipriana GONZALEZ. Maria Cipriana GONZALEZ and Francisco Tomas VILLARREAL were married on 16 November 1799.774 Children were: Ygnacio VILLARREAL, Paula VILLARREAL, Guadalupe VILLARREAL, Margarita VILLARREAL, Josefa VILLARREAL, Matias VILLARREAL, Francisco VILLARREAL, Jose Cayetano VILLARREAL, Jose Maria Martin VILLARREAL, Maria Carmen VILLARREAL.

Francisco Venancio VILLARREAL3495,3517 was born about 1737. The 1750 Census of Camargo lists Joseph Antonio Villarreal and Maria Catarina Hinojosa with eight children, among them one named Francisco who was 14 years of age. The name "Venancio" does not appear in any of the children's names.

Texas General Land Office records list a Francisco Venancio de Villarreal as the Original Grantee of Porcion 11 and note that he was a brother of Maria Quiteria Villarreal, a widow and Original Grantee of Porcion 18. Thus, he would have been a brother also of Lucas Eduardo Villarreal, the Original Grantee of the adjacent Porcion 10. This indicates that Francisco Venancio Villarreal was indeed a child of Joseph Antonio Villarreal and Maria Catarina Hinojosa.

The 1750 Census also notes that the father Joseph Antonio had been killed by Indians. Thus, it seems highly probable that Francisco Venancio is the same person shown simply as Francisco in the 1750 Census, and I am making that assumption.

Porcion 11 is on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande; the Ranchos Tepehuaje and La Laja are probably located on either Porcion 11 or the adjacent Porcion 10. Parents: Joseph Antonio VILLARREAL and Maria Catarina HINOJOSA.

Francisco Xavier VILLARREAL Cantu2240 was born (date unknown). Parents: Cristobal de VILLARREAL and Maria CANTU.

Spouse: Gregoria GONZALEZ. Gregoria GONZALEZ and Francisco Xavier VILLARREAL Cantu were married after 17 February 1728.

Gabriel VILLARREAL (private). Parents: Homer VILLARREAL and Mary Ellen BUNDAMANDE.

Gabriel de VILLARREAL25,523 was born (date unknown). He was an illegitimate child and a mestizo. Parents: Capt. Juan de VILLARREAL and ______ ______ (mother of Gabriel de Villarreal).

Spouse: Juliana de TREVIÑO. Juliana de TREVIÑO and Gabriel de VILLARREAL were married on 13 April 1682.523

Gabriela VILLARREAL889 was born (date unknown). Parents: Guadalupe VILLARREAL and Estefana GARZA.

Spouse: Benito SALINAS. Gabriela VILLARREAL and Benito SALINAS were married.

Gabriela VILLARREAL Ramirez3518 was born about 1851.3062 The 1860 Census shows her age as 8 years. That census also erroneously shows her as a male named Gabriel. The 1880 Census correctly identifies her as a female and shows her age as 27. A birthdate in July 1852 would be consistent with the ages shown in both the 1860 and 1880 censuses; however, she was baptized in 1851 so I am assuming she was born in 1851. She was baptized in 1851.3497 She died in La Grulla, Starr County, Texas, New Spain. Gabriela's inheritance from her father Gregorio Villarreal consisted of the following:
1/7 of 5 sitios in "La Encantada", or about 3163.14 acres
1/7 of 1 sitio in "El Panal", or about 632.63 acres
1/7 of 3 cordeles in the upper part of Porciones 93, or about 189.79 acres
1/7 of 3 cordeles in the lower part of Porciones 93, or about 189.79 acres
1/7 of 52 varas in "Las Anacuas", or about 65.79 acres
Parents: Gregorio VILLARREAL Garza and Maria Ysidora RAMIREZ.

Spouse: Anastacio MORENO. Gabriela VILLARREAL Ramirez and Anastacio MORENO were married on 13 July 1868 in Roma, Starr County, TX, USA.2887,2888

Spouse: Zeferino VILLARREAL. Gabriela VILLARREAL Ramirez and Zeferino VILLARREAL were married.2887 Children were: Santos VILLARREAL.

Genoveva VILLARREAL1140 was born on 3 January 1882 in Mexico. Parents: Eugenio VILLARREAL and Altagracia CHAPA.

Spouse: Joaquin Narciso CODINA. Genoveva VILLARREAL and Joaquin Narciso CODINA were married. Children were: Rodrigo R. CODINA, Emma CODINA, Elisa CODINA, Ernestina CODINA, Joaquin CODINA, Luis CODINA.

Genovevo VILLARREAL3519 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jose Maria VILLARREAL and Natividad SANCHEZ.

Gertrudis VILLARREAL134 was born (date unknown). Parents: Lucas Eduardo de VILLARREAL and Mariana VELA.

Spouse: Refugio ALANIS. Gertrudis VILLARREAL and Refugio ALANIS were married on 9 January 1793 in Camargo, Nuevo Santander, New Spain.134

Gertrudis VILLARREAL1776 was born (date unknown). Parents: Bernardo VILLARREAL and Maria Guadalupe VELA.

Gertrudis VILLARREAL died on 24 February 1993.3520 Parents: Transito VILLARREAL Ramirez and Gertrudis ALANIS.

Spouse: Jose GRANADOS. Gertrudis VILLARREAL and Jose GRANADOS were married in Mathis, San Patricio County, Texas.2274

Spouse: Alfredo GRANADOS. Gertrudis VILLARREAL and Alfredo GRANADOS were married.

Gertrudis de VILLARREAL1038 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph MALDONADO. Gertrudis de VILLARREAL and Joseph MALDONADO were married. Children were: Sebastian MALDONADO.

Gertrudis de VILLARREAL834 died before 20 July 1730.940 She is shown as deceased. Parents: Marcos de VILLARREAL and Maria FLORES.

Spouse: Cristobal CANTU. Gertrudis de VILLARREAL and Cristobal CANTU were married. Children were: Josepha Gertrudis CANTU, Joseph Francisco CANTU.

Gertrudis de VILLARREAL892 died before 1752. Parents: Miguel de VILLARREAL and Ana Maria DE LA GARZA.

Spouse: Pablo VILLARREAL Cantu. Gertrudis de VILLARREAL and Pablo VILLARREAL Cantu were married after 15 April 1747 in Sabinas.892

Gervacia VILLARREAL206 was born in 1852. Parents: Jose Gregorio VILLARREAL and Maria Nasaria LONGORIA.

Gervacio VILLARREAL1686 died.1996 He died unmarried. Gervacio sold his interest in Porcion 91 to Francisco Villarreal in 1874 (Vol. "E", p. 218). Parents: Jose Manuel VILLARREAL and Maria Josefa ELIZONDO.

Gil VILLARREAL357 was born (date unknown). Parents: Miguel VILLARREAL and Felicitas MORALES.

Spouse: Petra NEVARES. Petra NEVARES and Gil VILLARREAL were married.

Gilberto VILLARREAL962 was born (date unknown). Parents: Gregorio VILLARREAL and Maria LONGORIA.

Gilberto VILLARREAL3430 was born (date unknown). Parents: Ernesto VILLARREAL and Patricia VELA.

Gilberto VILLARREAL1596 was born on 2 February 1914.1597 He died on 10 March 2000 at the age of 86 in Kingsville, Kleberg County, TX, USA. Parents: Gregorio VILLARREAL Pena and Josefa BAZAN.

Spouse: Adela DE LUNA. Adela DE LUNA and Gilberto VILLARREAL were married. Children were: Linda VILLARREAL.

Gilda VILLARREAL Saenz (private).

Spouse: Hector GUTIERREZ. Children were: Hector GUTIERREZ, Erica GUTIERREZ.

Gloria VILLARREAL Addington2841 was born (date unknown). Parents: Guadalupe VILLARREAL and Margaret MASTERS.

Gloria Imelda VILLARREAL Saenz was born (date unknown). Parents: Alfredo VILLARREAL and Corina VILLARREAL.

Gloria Yolanda VILLARREAL (private). Parents: Enrique VILLARREAL and Martha PEREZ.

Spouse: Benito Romeo VILLARREAL.

Gregoria VILLARREAL927 was born (date unknown). From the Villarreales Ranch in Mexico.

Spouse: Nepomuceno LONGORIA Flores. Gregoria VILLARREAL and Nepomuceno LONGORIA Flores were married. Children were: Severo LONGORIA, Ramona LONGORIA.

Gregoria VILLARREAL1973 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Eligio GARCIA. Gregoria VILLARREAL and Eligio GARCIA were married.

Gregoria VILLARREAL Zaragosa357 was born (date unknown). Parents: Enrique VILLARREAL and Mariana (Anita) GONZALEZ.

Gregoria VILLARREAL2141 was born (date unknown). Parents: Atenogenes VILLARREAL and Manuela LOPEZ.

Gregorio VILLARREAL206 was born in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Spouse: Manuela LONGORIA. Manuela LONGORIA and Gregorio VILLARREAL were married on 18 April 1871.

Gregorio VILLARREAL1241 was born (date unknown). Parents: Juan Bautista VILLARREAL and Ana Josefa DE LEON.

Gregorio VILLARREAL Garza was born about 1818.2677,3521 His age is given as 42 in the 1860 Census, indicating he was born between August 6, 1817 and August 5, 1818. The 1880 Census gave his age as 56, indicating he was born between June 6, 1823 and June 5, 1824. I am now assuming that he was born about 1818. He died on 4 January 1882 at the age of 64 in La Grulla, Starr County, TX, USA. According to Antonio Molina, he died in La Grulla but his wish was that he be buried in San Antonio de Bejar, and his children complied with his wishes by transporting his body to San Antonio and burying him at the San Fernando cemetery. Another family member recalled hearing stories that Gregorio actually was in San Antonio when he died, and that was the reason he was buried there. The one thing consistent in both stories is that he was buried in San Antonio. Circumstantial evidence suggests that he actually died in San Antonio, and was buried there the day after he died. He was buried.2575,3522 The Catholic Chancery Archives, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas, lists a Gregorio Villarreal, age 66 years, born in Mexico, and buried on January 5, 1882 in the San Fernando Church cemetery. This burial date is one day after my great-great-grandfather Gregorio Villarreal died, and the given age of 66 years is in good approximation with the age I had estimated from Census records. This appears to validate the oral history that my great-great-grandfather was buried in San Antonio, but also leads to the conclusion that he was actually in San Antonio when he died. I initially concluded that Gregorio Villarreal was the son of Ignacio Villarreal and Manuela Garza, even though I had no documents to verify that fact. I based my conclusion on two separate sources of oral history. First, Antonia Molina of La Grulla related to me that she recalled her mother saying that Gregorio and Yrinea Villarreal were brother and sister. Second, my aunt Odilia Longoria showed me a note from her mother Ana Treviño showing that the parents of Gregorio were Ignacio Villarreal and Manuela Garza. From the Inventory of Gregorio's estate I knew that Gregorio's mother was a Garza, so all the evidence seemed to indicate that Gregorio was indeed the son of Ignacio Villarreal and Manuela Garza. It was very gratifying to me, and a testament to my family's oral history, that my conclusion was verified on January 24, 2004, when I received a copy of a baptismal record located by Irma Longoria Cavazos which stated that Gregorio was indeed the son of Ignacio Villarreal and Manuela Garza.

On May 16, 1872, Gregorio Villarreal purchased from Mauricia A. Belden, the widow of Frederick (Federico) Belden, all of the "La Encantada" grant for $3000.00. In the description of the property, the southwest corner was placed at an original land mark called El Cuerudo; then proceeded North 1 degree west for 12565 varas to a large rock for the northwest corner, designated as San Pablo del Granjenito and being near the laguna Retamoza; thence East 10325 varas to the northeast corner, a large rock designated as land mark Layadero (also being the northwest corner of "Encino del Pozo"); thence South 12500 varas to the land mark called San Antonio for the southeast corner; thence west 10000 varas to the place of beginning.

La Encantada comprised 5 leagues, or sitios, of land and had originally been granted by Mexico to Jose Manuel Chapa on June 26, 1834. Jose Manuel Chapa, a citizen of Camargo, became discouraged "due to damage to cultivation from daily incursions by savage tribes" and, on April 10, 1837, sold La Encantada to Antonio Martinez Chapa, citizen of Matamoros, for 300 pesos. Only 12 days later on April 22, Antonio Martinez Chapa combined La Encantada with the Encino del Pozo grant (which he apparently purchased from Luciano Chapa on the same date that he purchased La Encantada from his brother, Jose Manuel Chapa) and sold both of them to French Strother, a citizen of Matamoros, for 932 pesos. French Strother held the properties for less than a year, and then, on March 15, 1838, sold La Encantada and Encino del Pozo to Federico Belden for 500 pesos, only about half of what he had paid just 11 months earlier. Thirty four years later, Federico's widow sold La Encantada to Gregorio Villarreal.

Not long after purchasing La Encantada, Gregorio began selling one-league parcels of land to friends and relatives. The 5 leagues of La Encantada were laid out by dividing the northern and southern boundaries into 5 equal lengths, creating long rectangles with the longer sides oriented north-south. Gregorio first sold the westernmost league of land to Eligio Garcia on a date I have not yet determined. Next, on September 25, 1873, Gregorio sold second most westerly league of La Encantada to Manuel Perez and the third most westerly league to Juan Longoria. Beginning from the westernmost boundary of La Encantada, I believe the Manuel Perez league was the second league toward the east, followed by the Juan Longoria league. At a subsequent date which I have not yet determined, Gregorio apparently sold or conveyed the fourth most westly league of land to his brother Sabas Villarreal. This left Gregorio owning only the last remaining league of land in La Encantada, that being the most easterly league which adjoined the western boundary of the Encino del Pozo land grant.

The Inventory and Partition of the Estate of Gregorio Villarreal, dated Sept. 15, 1882, indicated his estate consisted of the following:
2 houses, the first "de madera cosina y mitad de solar y ancan cantiquo", and the
second "paredes de ladrillo y techo de madera con un jacal techo pajisos"
5 sitios, known as "La Encantada" (about 22,142 acres)
1 sitio, known as "El Panal" (about 4428.4 acres)
3 cordeles in the upper part of Porcion 93 (about 1328.52 acres)
3 cordeles in the lower part of Porcion 93 (about 1328.52 acres)
52 varas in the Porcion known as "Anacuas" (about 460.55 acres)
1 labor "del cupo de (7) Almudez de sembradura" (about 177.14 acres)
1 "potrerito que sirve para pastiar vestias y bueyes"
1 "solar, uviendo en la villa del Rancho que sirve para encerrar maiz"
494 head of cattle ("ganado baenno")
232 horses and mules ("ganado caballar")
21 hogs
5368 head of sheep and goats ("ganado menor")
24 loads ("cargas") of corn
Various household pieces made of iron, wood and stone
Cash in the amount of $1486.56 being held by Don Eligio Garcia
Cash in the amount of $27.50 being held by Don Nepomuceno Garza
Cash in the amount of $500.00 being held by Francisco P. Juarez
Cash in the amount of $800 being held by Gregorio's brothers, Antonio and Hilario
(This $800 was given to the 4 youngest children, Celso, Romana, Transito, and
There appears to be an inconsistency in the Inventory, as a deed dated September 25, 1873, indicates that Gregorio had sold 2 sitios of land in La Encantada on that date, and he apparently sold 2 other sitios prior to his death (the deed records in Brooks County should verify these but I have not yet made an effort to locate those deed records). The probable explanation is that by this time the La Encantada tract and the Encino del Pozo tract, were being treated as one, probably because of their common ownership, by the Texas General Land Office, and the combined tracts were referred to simply as La Encantada by Gregorio Villarreal and his descendants. It is a fact that Gregorio's descendants did inherit lands that were in the original Encino del Pozo land grant. This supports my conclusion that the 5 sitios of land mentioned in the Inventory were the most easterly league in the original La Encantada land grant and all of the 4 leagues in the original Encino del Pozo land grant. Parents: Ignacio VILLARREAL Elizondo and Manuela de la GARZA.

Spouse: Maria Ysidora RAMIREZ. Maria Ysidora RAMIREZ and Gregorio VILLARREAL Garza3062 were married on 2 July 1848 in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.2141,3063 The 1880 Census indicated that two of Gregorio's grandchildren were at his house on June 5, 1880, when the census was taken. They were 11 year old Anita and 6 year old Enrique, who is noted as having small pox. Anita and Enrique were children either of Gregorio's eldest son Manuel or of his eldest daughter Gabriela. Gabriela was also present in Gregorio's house when the 1880 census was taken; she was 27 years old at the time and thus Anita and Enrique could have been her children. Children were: Manuel VILLARREAL Ramirez, Gabriela VILLARREAL Ramirez, Jose Cildo VILLARREAL Ramirez, Maria Rita VILLARREAL Ramirez, Celso VILLARREAL Ramirez, Romana VILLARREAL Ramirez, Transito VILLARREAL Ramirez, Octaviana VILLARREAL Ramirez.

Gregorio VILLARREAL962 was born on 5 November 1880 in Rancho Americano, Hidalgo County, Texas. Parents: Francisco VILLARREAL and Juana FLORES.

Spouse: Maria LONGORIA. Maria LONGORIA and Gregorio VILLARREAL were married. Children were: Leofredo VILLARREAL, Gilberto VILLARREAL, Lisandro VILLARREAL, Reynaldo VILLARREAL, Beatris VILLARREAL, Angelica VILLARREAL, Senaida VILLARREAL, Delia VILLARREAL, Olivia VILLARREAL, Ofelina VILLARREAL.

Gregorio VILLARREAL Pena3523 was born on 11 November 1887 in La Grulla, Starr County, TX, USA.3524 He died on 1 March 1976 at the age of 88 in Falfurrias, Brooks County, TX, USA.3524 Parents: Celso VILLARREAL Ramirez and Arcadia PEÑA Juarez.

Spouse: Josefa BAZAN. Josefa BAZAN and Gregorio VILLARREAL Pena were married. Children were: Corina VILLARREAL, Gilberto VILLARREAL, Teresa VILLARREAL.

Guadalupe VILLARREAL was born (date unknown). In "Memories of La Grulla on the Rio Grande" Josefina Vera writes that Lucas Longoria had an uncle named Hilario Villarreal, who therefore must have been a brother of Guadalupe Villarreal. Could Guadalupe and Hilario have been siblings of Gregorio Villarreal, who may have been a brother of Yrinea Villarreal?

Spouse: Eugenio "El Mazo" LONGORIA Flores. Guadalupe VILLARREAL and Eugenio "El Mazo" LONGORIA Flores were married. Children were: Manuela LONGORIA, Maria Concepcion LONGORIA, Eusebia LONGORIA, Dionicio LONGORIA, Viviana LONGORIA, Antonia LONGORIA, Lucas LONGORIA.

Guadalupe VILLARREAL1868 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jose Maria VILLARREAL and Maria del Carmen GONZALEZ.

Spouse: Jose Maria PEREZ. Guadalupe VILLARREAL and Jose Maria PEREZ were married on 1 December 1804.1868 Children were: Desidora PEREZ.

Guadalupe VILLARREAL1828 was born (date unknown). Parents: Pedro VILLARREAL Vela and Maria Gertrudis FLORES.

Spouse: Estefana GARZA. Estefana GARZA and Guadalupe VILLARREAL were married. Children were: Marcos VILLARREAL, Tiburcio VILLARREAL, Luis VILLARREAL, Calixto VILLARREAL, Concepcion VILLARREAL, Jacinto VILLARREAL, Guadalupe VILLARREAL, Gabriela VILLARREAL.

Guadalupe VILLARREAL774,2042 was born (date unknown). Parents: Francisco Tomas VILLARREAL and Maria Cipriana GONZALEZ.

Spouse: Juan Jose GARCIA Ramirez. Guadalupe VILLARREAL and Juan Jose GARCIA Ramirez were married. Children were: Maria Ramona GARCIA.

Guadalupe VILLARREAL2943 was born (date unknown). Parents: Jose Cayetano VILLARREAL and Eufemia ELIZONDO.

Guadalupe VILLARREAL1310 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Francisco DE LA GARZA. Guadalupe VILLARREAL and Francisco DE LA GARZA were married. Children were: Domingo DE LA GARZA, Francisco DE LA GARZA, Teodoro DE LA GARZA, Francisca Tiburcia DE LA GARZA, Josefa DE LA GARZA, Gertrudis DE LA GARZA, Nepomuceno DE LA GARZA.